Dropbox and Any.do


Do anything with Dropbox and Any.do


Published on October 30, 2014

Some days it’s all too easy to lose track of everything you have to do. A last-minute meeting pops up, a hallway conversation sidetracks you, your inbox explodes — “Ability to maintain focus” might as well be a standard bullet on job descriptions. That’s why to-do lists are essential for anyone looking to get work done. Thankfully, Any.do is up to the task. And now, the app loved by over 10 million people can connect to Dropbox, giving your to-dos a boost. Starting today, you can attach files from your Dropbox to tasks in Any.do. It’s simple — just open a task, click the Attachments button, and pick a file from your Dropbox. Need to remember to call a client about a new layout? Attach the JPEGs from your Dropbox and have them ready when you pick up the phone. Got a reminder to ask Accounts Payable for status on an invoice? Add the PO to show them when you stop by. Best of all, you can use Dropbox with Any.do from anywhere — using their iPhone app or through their website. It's yet another way Dropbox for Business helps you check items off your list. For more apps that integrate with Dropbox for Business, check out our apps page!