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Building on our commitment to users and businesses in Europe


Published on December 02, 2015

As we approach the end of 2015, we’re closing out a landmark year for Dropbox. Over 400 million people around the world are now using our platform to simplify the way they work. Our users save over 1 billion files each day and have created over 2.8 billion sharing connections. And we’ve seen huge adoption within businesses, too, with over 150,000 paying business customers—50,000 of which signed up in the past 10 months. Europe has been a big part of this success. 1 in 3 internet users in countries like the UK are now using Dropbox. This growth has been evident on the business side too, and we’re proud to be working with tens of thousands of European companies. Partners like Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom and channel distributors like Ingram Micro are further accelerating this growth. Europe and Dropbox are a great match for each other. Many users join because of a shared folder or link, and our growth is accelerated by people using our products to collaborate and create amazing things at work. There’s no doubt that Europe is one of the most collaborative regions we see, with sharing activity doubling this year. With all this momentum there’s a huge opportunity for Dropbox to help even more people and businesses in Europe, and I’m excited that we’ll be expanding rapidly in 2016. We now have three European offices: London and Paris joined Dublin this year. And we plan to open more in the year ahead, starting with Hamburg and Amsterdam, bringing us even closer to our customers. Alongside the growth of our platform and team, customer requirements in the region have also evolved, and so we’re also planning to deploy infrastructure in Europe in the year ahead to store data. This will not only build on the technical lead we have over competitors—Dropbox has the fastest sync in the industry—it will also give our customers more options about where their data is stored. We’re building the world’s simplest, most powerful collaboration platform that works across every tool and operating system that’s out there. With 75% of our users outside the US, it’s fair to say that Europe is a key part of this. Following an exciting 2015, we’re looking forward to an even better 2016. Stay tuned for more! Update (Wednesday, December 2): The amount that sharing activity in Europe increased this year has been corrected.