Dropbox Hack Week 2014: Getting back to our roots


Dropbox Hack Week: Getting back to our roots


Published on July 14, 2014

Seven years ago, Dropbox began as a small group of friends who wanted to build a home for people’s most important stuff. It was a big idea for a small group of college grads (and dropouts), but here we are today still pushing what’s possible. Every year around Dropbox’s birthday, we revisit that spirit of shooting for the moon in an event we call Hack Week. It’s a chance for us to break from routine and explore our wildest ideas, whether or not they’re a part of our normal day jobs. Instead of talking about what could work, we put our heads down and try to make things work. Year after year, we surprise ourselves with what we can get done in five days. Some Hack Week projects make it into our products; some open the doors for bigger ideas; and some contribute to the broader community. More importantly, the projects help us unleash the passion and innovation of our employees, and the friends who join us during Hack Week. This Hack Week we want to share with you a sneak peek into the minds of the hackers. We’ll post updates here, so check back on the blog to learn more about Hack Week 2014.