Drew on the smart workspace at CNBC @Work


Published on November 12, 2019

Last week, Drew sat down with Deirdre Bosa, technology reporter at CNBC, for a fireside chat about focus at work, the current landscape of team collaboration tools, and how they are shaping our work life. The discussion was a part of the CNBC @Work People + Machines Summit that brings together executives from leading technology companies to share insights about the future of work and human-machine interaction. 

During their conversation, Drew looks back on the early days of the company and how Dropbox uniquely positioned itself as other cloud storage providers emerged. He also talks about then evolving Dropbox from a file sync and share company to a smart workspace for all types of cloud content. Drew wraps up the conversation by sharing his thoughts on where Dropbox will be in ten years.

To see the full conversation, check out the video here.