Screenshot of Illustration for Transparency Report


Transparency report: Updating our report for the second half of 2016


Published on July 13, 2017

Over the last ten years, more than half a billion users have trusted Dropbox to keep their files safe. As we continue to grow, transparency plays a critical role in maintaining our users’ hard-earned trust. We publish our transparency report twice a year, disclosing the number of requests we receive from government and law enforcement. Today, we’re releasing our Transparency Report covering the data requests we received during the second half of 2016. We care deeply about protecting our users’ privacy. Our Law Enforcement Response Team scrutinizes every request according to our data request principles: be transparent, fight overly broad requests, provide trusted services, and protect all users. Clarity is an important part of being transparent. That’s why we’ve redesigned our Transparency Report to better communicate how we responded to requests received from law enforcement. We hope that the new visual layout will provide clearer insight into what types of requests we receive, our responses, and trends over time. We’ve also been hard at work behind the scenes to protect our users. We recently signed a joint letter that urged Congress to implement reforms to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that would increase judicial oversight and transparency in government surveillance of electronic communications. We also updated our data request principles to reflect that Dropbox requires that the federal government seek judicial approval of any nondisclosure order included in a National Security Letter sent to Dropbox. We thank you for trusting us with your data, and will continue working tirelessly to protect the privacy of your information.