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Dropbox and HPE partner to help enterprises


Published on June 08, 2016

When I talk to CIOs, the thing they ask the most is, what’s next? What’s the innovation that enables people to access their own files and content, safely and easily, so they can super charge their business?

We all know that people have been bringing the tools and devices they love to work for years. This has given IT a challenging choice to make between giving up on control or taking people’s “toys” away and locking everything down. It doesn’t have to be this way—solutions should be both easy and secure, and that’s what we’ve done at Dropbox. We’ve taken a product hundreds of millions of people love and worked with CIOs, and with great partners like HPE, to build in industrial-strength enterprise-grade security and manageability. As a result Dropbox is taking off in the enterprise with triple-digit growth, and over 150,000 paying companies.

What happened first with consumers we now see happening in the enterprise. NewsCorp deployed 23,000 licenses. Dominic Shine, their global CIO, achieved his strategic goal to improve overall security through standardizing on a product that his people were already using. This is just one example, but we see the same across all industries and geographies.

Our relationship with HPE is a great story on many levels. We share a commitment to technical excellence and rapid innovation. Our own Magic Pocket infrastructure project—the biggest bet in our company’s history—would not have paid off without HPE’s and a few other strategic partners’ ability to deliver on our server specifications. We are happy to announce that HPE is also a Dropbox Enterprise customer, helping their people work better together all over the world.

The mutual trust between HPE, Dropbox, and the enterprise is a winning combination. Together, we make the leap to cloud easy and secure for CIOs around the globe. We are pleased to have HPE as a reseller partner to better serve large companies through our channel partnership. We will also offer additional data security and discoverability features through our product integrations with HPE. We help each other deliver value to our customers, and make it easy and secure to be what’s next.

To learn more about our partner and customer story, watch Dropbox CEO Drew Houston and HPE CEO Meg Whitman on stage at HPE Discover in Las Vegas yesterday.