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Published on August 17, 2015

At Dropbox, we don’t like boundaries — we think people make their best stuff when they’re given the creative freedom to pursue their wildest ideas. That’s why we’re excited that today marks the start of our annual Hack Week. For five days, our team around the world comes together to work on any project they’d like. These projects are usually moonshot ideas we’ve kept in the back of our minds, freed from the limits of our day-to-day meetings and work. We think it pays off — a lot. Many parts of Dropbox you use every day (Dropbox for Business, read-only shared folders, Recents, and file requests) actually started out as grassroots Hack Week projects that weren’t originally on our roadmap. Even though Hack Week is only five days, the chance to go off-script has given us a chance to really push our work (and hopefully yours too) forward. With 1,200 employees across 12 offices, this year’s Hack Week is the biggest we’ve had yet. Who knows — maybe the ideas that come out of this week will soon make their way to a Dropbox near you. Stay tuned: we’ll be thinking of you as we hack this week, and we’ll keep you posted with what comes out of it.