Wunderlist and Dropbox


Wunderlist integrates with Dropbox to help you get those to-dos done


Published on October 01, 2014

If you’re as obsessed with productivity as we are, you’ll love this: Wunderlist, the tasks app used by more than 9 million people to keep their work and personal to-dos organized, now connects with Dropbox. With this integration, lists stored in Wunderlist become even more powerful. Say your team uses Wunderlist to coordinate marketing campaigns, and you have a “Launches” list with all of your tasks for an upcoming product release. With this integration, all of your Dropbox for Business files can be available right there in Wunderlist. Now, the task for presenting the go-to-market strategy to your VP can link to the PowerPoint presentation in your Dropbox. And your designer can add a Photoshop file — also in Dropbox — right into the developer’s task for building the landing page. It’s efficiency at its finest. You can attach files of any size and type to your to-dos, so everything your team needs to work together — PDFs, spreadsheets, images, videos, and more — can be found in one place. Once you add a file from Dropbox to Wunderlist, it will sync instantly across all your devices. Plus, any updates made to that Dropbox file will sync with Wunderlist as well. To get started, just click the Dropbox icon in any Wunderlist task’s detail view, and select the file you’d like to add. You can start using Wunderlist with Dropbox today through the iPhone, iPad, and Android apps, or through the Wunderlist website. And to discover even more apps that connect with Dropbox, visit our apps page!