Dropbox for Business groups


Simplify team management with groups


Published on March 05, 2015

Delivering the features customers need to easily manage Dropbox for Business is a top priority for us. Today, we're excited to bring one such feature — groups functionality — to all Dropbox for Business customers. Now any team can use groups to create and manage lists of members within Dropbox and easily give them access to specific folders. Plus, team admins can keep groups synced with Active Directory (AD) data. Groups was released through our early access program in November and continues to be one of our most commonly requested features, especially from our enterprise customers. Over 12,000 companies signed up and have already seen the benefits that groups can provide. Vision Hospitality Group is just one. Victor Martinez, Operations Administrator and Analyst, said, “Groups is a simple and straightforward feature. It makes onboarding of new members and overall team management easier. With all the time I save, I can focus on more important things for my business.” As part of this launch, we’re also releasing an API for groups. This new developer tool will allow customers to integrate Dropbox for Business groups with their existing IT systems. Several industry-leading identity management and DLP providers — including Okta, CloudLock, Netskope, Bitium, Elastica, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Centrify, Skyhigh, and Windows Azure — have begun building integrations to help admins scale team management. Karl McGuinness, Okta’s senior director of identity, said, "With the new groups API, we have the opportunity to further integrate our service with Dropbox for Business and allow IT to more easily manage teams in a scalable way. It will allow joint customers to provide seamless access so employees are more productive, while also minimizing the pain often associated with team management.” To learn more about the groups API, you can find technical documentation on our developer website. The new groups API will also make it possible for IT admins to integrate directly with their Active Directory and LDAP solutions. This will allow groups in Dropbox to stay in sync with AD and LDAP user data. We'll be launching turnkey AD sync capability, based on the groups API, in the next few months, so check back here for updates. And if you'd like to learn more about the groups features launched today, head over to our Help Center.