Data requests from government agencies


Transparency Report: Updating our disclosures for the second half of 2014


Published on January 28, 2015

At Dropbox, we want to be as transparent as possible about government requests for user information. We publish a Transparency Report twice a year to share the number of requests we've received, and we've laid out principles that guide how we handle these requests. Since today is international Data Privacy Day, it's a perfect time to provide you with an update. Our current Transparency Report shows that between July 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014, law enforcement agencies sent us 275 requests for user information. We notify users about requests for their information unless we're legally prohibited from doing so.
We've been publishing transparency reports since 2012. Each report has added a bit more specificity, and this is our most detailed one yet. Here's what's new:
  • Our report now tells you which governments outside the U.S. requested user information. People all over the world use Dropbox, and we're committed to informing and protecting all of them, no matter where they live.
  • Instead of reporting only the number of requests received, we now disclose how many accounts were listed in those requests and how we responded. This detail is important because a single request could seek information about numerous accounts. We scrutinize each request to ensure that it's not too broad — and if it is, we fight it.
We'll keep fighting back when governments try to keep requests secret, pushing courts to protect users, advocating for legal reform, and supporting reform coalitions. And we're committed to keeping you updated every step of the way.