A home for life


A home for life


Published on April 09, 2014

Technology should ‘just work’ and make us happy. But with all the different apps, devices, and data out there, things get complicated pretty quickly. At Dropbox, our mission is to set you free — to take pain away from technology so you can do more with your life. Today, we want to share what’s next.

If you’re using Dropbox at work, you can now connect your personal Dropbox to your Dropbox for Business on all your devices. This enables a host of new features to keep your admin happy, while making sure you always have your stuff when you need it. Mailbox was the first new addition to the Dropbox family, and for the last year it’s helped iOS users put email in its place. Today, we’re bringing that freedom to Android and introducing a new feature called auto-swipe — a way Mailbox learns from your swipes to get you closer to Inbox Zero. With Dropbox, we built a home for your photos and videos but never gave you a great way to experience them. We’d like you to meet Carousel, the newest member of the Dropbox family. It’s a gallery that houses your entire life’s memories. Even more, Carousel lets you share and relive these memories in private conversations with friends and family. We started our journey seven years ago with Dropbox, a magic folder to keep your stuff safe. But as we’ve built Dropbox and seen how it’s helped millions around the world, that magic folder has become something much more — a home for life. At the company, we’ve been calling this Chapter 2. You have no idea how excited we are to show you what’s next.