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Our fans' top 3 tips for using Dropbox on mobile


Published on July 01, 2014

Dropbox provides a home for all your stuff, no matter if you're at your desk, on your phone, or using a tablet. We asked our fans on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ to tell us how they use Dropbox when they’re on the go. Here are their top 3 pro tips: 1. Lock it up

Safety first! Add a pin code to your Dropbox mobile app for added security. It’s a 4-digit passcode that you type in any time you open the app. Here’s how. And, if you use a password manager, you can sync your password database with Dropbox.

  2. Do work We heard from more than one fan about using Dropbox at the pub to share files with their colleagues back at the office. While we can’t advocate that specific use-case, it does show, you really can get work done from anywhere!

  3. Collaborate (and listen) We love hearing from musicans who use Dropbox to collaborate. It’s much faster to share your new tracks with a share link or collab using a shared folder than to email huge files back and forth.

  Do you have any mobile #protips for extra Dropbox productivity? Share them in the comments below.