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5 ways to make design review painless with Dropbox


Published on September 14, 2016

Whether you do web, print, or any other kind of design, you know how time consuming reviews can be. Sharing layouts and integrating feedback while keeping everything on schedule takes time away from creative projects on your plate. Here are five ways Dropbox can speed up the process.

1. Share, don’t print

With your files saved in Dropbox, sending creative out for review is just a click away. You can share a file or folder right from Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder, without jumping over to a website or special app. And unlike printouts and email attachments, you can fix stray typos or minor edits even after you share your file. Recipients will get the most up-to-date version when they visit your shared link or open your shared folder.

2. Automate notifications

Want one less task on your plate? Invite frequent reviewers of your work to a shared folder. Dropbox can automatically notify them whenever you add a new file, saving you a step. Worried that reviewers might accidentally delete a file? Give them view-only access to the folder, and they can look without editing.

3. Make it easy to see

Emailing a file can be risky. If recipients are using a mobile device, or if you forget to save down to the right version, your work might not be viewable. With web previews for dozens of image and video types, Dropbox has you covered. Share a file—anything from PSDs to MOVs to GIFs—and` we’ll create a preview that anyone can look at on any browser or mobile device. No need for you to convert files, or for recipients to install special software.

4. Simplify feedback

Feedback used to come in two forms: hand-written notes on printouts or scattered replies across email threads. Both made it difficult to connect comments with designs. But if you share a file from your Dropbox, reviewers can add comments from any web browser. They can even comment on a specific part of a file preview, so you know exactly what they’re referencing.

5. Revisit old versions

Usually feedback helps you improve the quality of your work. But after several rounds of edits, you might find your project was better a few changes ago. If your file is stored in Dropbox, you can turn back the clock using version history. You can even see previews of the older versions so you’re sure to pick the right draft. If you’re doing design work, staying focused on creative is critical. With Dropbox at your side, you can streamline your reviews, keeping design front and center. To see more ways Dropbox can help you stay productive, check out our newest features:

Footer image. Click to visit our website and learn more about new Dropbox productivity tools.
Footer image. Click to visit our website and learn more about new Dropbox productivity tools.