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3 ways to improve your small business digital strategy


Published on November 25, 2017

To expand your business’s reach, you need a comprehensive digital plan. But before you’re buying tech or signing up for platforms, you need to know the best course to move forward. Here are three ways to improve your digital strategy:

Use digital tools to extend your network

Just because you’re not a giant conglomerate doesn’t mean you have to work small. Collaboration tools like Dropbox and Slack help small businesses communicate with clients, freelancers, suppliers, and other small businesses—regardless of location—opening up a previously untapped client base and pool of talent. Additionally, Dropbox’s integration with Adobe Document Cloud allows you to easily access and edit PDFs on the go, whether you’re on a phone, tablet or computer.

Set clear digital objectives

Although digital tools can create a more flexible and efficient workplace, it’s a matter of choosing the right ones for you. Investing in the wrong tools—or too many of them—can cause headaches for all involved. It’s best to lay out a clear set of objectives beforehand. That will help you understand how the tech will help you, before you even sign up. To do so, simply ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need to speed up internal processes?
  • How will these tools save me time?
  • Will they improve client/employee collaboration?

That way, you know how to track your progress and measure your success against what you set out to do.

Be vocal and searchable on the right social channels

There’s no magic formula to social media. Whether using a visual platform to communicate to your audience or strengthening customer/peer engagement, each platform interacts with audiences in slightly different ways. Regardless, the first step to gaining or maintaining ground is to get out there. Like all things digital, though, identify what you want to achieve before moving forward with significant time and energy. Once you have a digital strategy in place, it’s important to make sure your IT is set up for growth. Learn about how Dropbox Business can save your business from legacy tech with our new interactive eBook.