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Pro tips: How to make sending video files quick and easy


Published on April 30, 2015

If you work with a lot of digital video, you've probably realized that it can be a bit of a pain to share those files with others. Maybe you're a professional videographer who's been using portable hard drives to get footage to your editor or clients. Or perhaps you use your smartphone to take short videos for your blog, and you've been emailing yourself the files. Either way, Dropbox Pro can help you streamline your processes. Large video files Let's start with those hard drives and memory sticks you may be using for large video files. Aside from being easy to lose or damage, they can be slow — messengering or shipping your files to someone this way can take hours, or even days. And email attachments are a no-go as well, since video files are too large. Documentarian and Dropbox Pro user Jimmy Goldblum struggled with all this when filming his latest movie in India. Instead of his usual method of shipping footage to his editor in New York on a hard drive, he uploaded them to a shared Dropbox folder. When you share videos this way, everyone who has access to your shared folder will get an up-to-date copy of the video automatically. Plus, you can implement shared folder permissions to fine-tune who can do what with your files. Smaller video files What about videos you shoot with your smartphone or tablet? This is when you can let Dropbox's Camera Upload feature do the work for you. Camera Upload enables automatic video uploads for most devices — which means no more emailing the files to yourself, then waiting until you're back at your computer to download them. Since your video will already be safe in your Dropbox, you can go straight to sharing: upload it to Facebook, share the video's link with someone, or use integrations with sites like Vimeo to quickly get your video up on the web. Whether you're shooting a documentary, filming someone's wedding, or capturing your cat's antics on your phone, we're willing to bet that you want to share your movies with the world — or at least your friends. By using shared folders and the Camera Upload feature in Dropbox, it's easy to share your videos as publicly — or as privately — as you want. To learn more, check out these Help Center articles:

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