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Tip of the week: Stay on top of what’s happening in your Dropbox


Published on March 27, 2015

If you spend a lot of time working on cross-functional projects, you’re probably familiar with Dropbox shared folders. The ability for several people to add, edit, and remove files within the same folder is a great way to work with different teams. But how do you keep track of who changes what? Your Dropbox desktop notifications can give you that info in real time, helping you make the most of your collaborative efforts. Think about the last time you were working on a project that had a looming deadline — and a lot of moving pieces. Maybe you were waiting on an image from design so you could finish your presentation, and a blog post had just been approved after several rounds of edits. Now imagine how helpful it would be if you didn’t have to rely on an email from the designer to let you know that the artwork has been uploaded. And wouldn’t it be great if you had a way of knowing if someone saved changes to the blog post that was already finalized? Situations like these are where your desktop notifications can be invaluable. You’d be able to finish your presentation that much faster, and sort out any potential miscommunications involving the blog post. As long as you’re using the Dropbox desktop application, you should see notifications for all your files and folder by default. If they’ve been switched off, turning them back on only takes a few clicks. And if you’d like to see a longer list of recent activity in your Dropbox, just head on over to your account’s events page.