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Effective collaboration: 3 tips for teaming up with The Amplifier


Published on September 21, 2017

Even the best-conceived marketing campaign is powerless without a calculated plan for exposure. When the time comes to launch a campaign, your team needs The Amplifier to craft the right messages for the right audiences and measure results across each channel. To better understand what The Amplifier needs to collaborate effectively, we reached out to marketing and design professionals across the US to identify their pain points, and learn ways to address them. In part five of our series on effective collaboration, we’ll share three tips for teaming up with The Amplifier.

1. Recognize common roadblocks

Whether they’re a Social Media Manager, PR Manager, or Search/SEO Specialist, almost every Amplifier tends to run into these three obstacles on the job:
  • Keeping track of final assets
  • Lack of insight into previous campaigns
  • Difficulty tracking campaign progress and performance

2. Simplify access to final files

The Amplifier needs all the latest, polished files ready for launch in one easy-to-navigate location.

3. Create archives for every campaign

A shared Dropbox folder with prior campaign results gives The Amplifier the tools they need to ensure current campaigns are moving in the right direction.

Recommendations for The Amplifier

  • Keep your team in the loop with a distribution plan. The more they know about how the assets will be positioned, the closer they can tailor the product to meet those goals.
  • End projects with a team-wide debrief so everyone knows what performed well and what didn’t. These insights will create better results the next time around.

Recommendations for their teammates

  • Involve The Amplifier in the planning phase to collaborate on the positioning strategy to ensure the team’s vision is aligned
  • Keep all assets organized for a smooth hand-off when it comes time to launch
For more tips on facilitating teamwork and collaborating on campaigns, download our free eBook, Team up for marketing success.