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It’s time to upgrade your workflow


Published on December 05, 2017


Simplifying collaboration across all channels is a game-changer. No one’s slowed down by missed updates, scattered feedback, or hard-to-find documents. With everything in one place, all notifications and files are easy to find and immediately accessible.  Here’s how Dropbox Business is making that possible for companies like yours . The average sales workflow is chaotic. Processes overlap, making it difficult for sales teams to focus on what’s important. This may look familiar:

Sales workflow chart example
Sales workflow chart example
The best sales workflow is one that can easily adapt to growing business needs and evolve across teams. To keep everyone on the same page, it’s best to have a centralized content hub.
Sales workflow chart with centralized content hub
Sales workflow chart with centralized content hub
Having a go-to destination for resources frees up a lot of time—time that can be better spent focusing on your top sales priorities: 1
  • Closing more deals
  • Improving sales funnel efficiency
  • Reducing the length of the sales cycle
  • Social selling
  • Training the sales team
That’s why more than half of Fortune 500 companies use Dropbox Business to run their business. In a 2016 IDC study sponsored by Dropbox, our partner organizations reap: 2
  • 802% average five-year ROI
  • 2,722 productive hours gained per 100 Dropbox users
  • 6% average productivity gain among sales teams
One of our customers, GIW Minerals, needed a way to keep work processes flowing as fluidly as the material that moves through their slurry pumps. Once they moved to Dropbox Business, their sales reps were able to spend more time providing service to prospects and less time trying to dig up the information they needed.
“Instead of carrying a big folder full of paper or a laptop to a meeting, it allows our sales folks to bring up their data on their phones or tablets,” said Lucas McCuistian, Supervisor of Server Operations at GIW Minerals.
To learn more, check out our eBook, Sell smarter: Tips to streamline sales workflows and improve customer experience. Sources: 1 "State of Inbound,” 2017, HubSpot 2 “The Business Value of Dropbox Business in Supporting Collaboration,” 2016, IDC White Paper, sponsored by Dropbox