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Better Together: How Slack and Dropbox make team communication easier


Published on August 14, 2017

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Everyone has their own favorite way to communicate. And many prefer different tools for different tasks. That’s why Dropbox believes the better your apps work together, the easier your job will be. Millions of people use Slack to connect with the people and tools they work with every day.

Dropbox partnered with Slack to provide a more seamless experience, so work can be shared directly with teammates where they’re already communicating. Here’s how they can help simplify team collaboration.

Paste links for direct sharing

When you connect Dropbox to Slack, you can share files with teammates where you’re already working. You can gain instant access to your Dropbox files by sending or uploading a Dropbox link within a Slack conversation.

Stay in sync and up to date

Your files will stay in sync so your team always has the latest version of any file, without the headache of managing version history.

Protect access

Dropbox and Slack work together to make it easy to share with confidence. Your files’ original sharing preferences are preserved so only the right people have access.

Simplify search

This joint solution also helps you find what you’re looking for quickly. Every file you share is automatically indexed so it’s easy to find later on—you can search by file name, who shared it, or the contents of your file directly from Slack. When you choose the right apps and connect them with a platform like Dropbox, you and your team can unlock greater productivity.

To learn more, download our free eBook, Better Together.