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According to Forrester, sync and share is all business


Published on April 29, 2014

Gone are the days when people worked from only one computer — we now work from three or four devices a day, from smartphones and tablets to office laptops and home computers. And since having easy access to all our files across all our devices is now a prerequisite for productivity, it’s no surprise that file sync and share services have become a key part of our work lives.

But is file sync and share just a nice-to-have, or has it become truly embedded in our day-to-day workflows? According to a new study from Forrester Consulting1, it’s the latter. File sync and share turns out to be pervasive in the workplace — 70% of employees using file sync and share reported using it every single day, while nearly 1 in 5 use it hourly.

Perhaps more importantly, Forrester’s “File Sync And Share And The Future Of Work” report also shows that sync and share adoption drives productivity and efficiency in critical business processes — particularly in key functions like customer service and sales. In fact, 91% of companies reported increased productivity thanks to file sync and share. “Executive management and IT need to support this trend,” Forrester concludes.

Read the full study to learn more!

1A March 2014 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dropbox.