Connect your Dropboxes

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Tip of the week: Connect your Dropboxes to keep everything in its place


Published on October 24, 2014

Over 300 million people around the world use Dropbox to store and share their most important personal files. Many of those customers also use  Dropbox for Business to save work documents, and collaborate on projects with coworkers and external partners. This means there are quite a few people out there with two Dropboxes, which can be a hassle — for example, no one enjoys having to log out then back in just to switch accounts. Luckily, it's easy to avoid complications like this by  connecting your Dropbox accounts. If you're a Dropbox for Business user, you can connect your personal Dropbox with your work Dropbox on any device. This doesn't mean they share data — they'll each maintain separate passwords, settings, and controls. Instead, it means that your Dropbox accounts will appear right next to each other on the web, your desktop, or your mobile device. Whenever you want to open, share, or save a file using Dropbox, you'll be able to choose: personal or work? This simple yet mighty capability lets you keep vacation photos and home videos in your personal Dropbox, while spreadsheets and presentations remain in your work Dropbox. Saving items to the wrong account — as an accident, or in the name of convenience — becomes a thing of the past. Connected Dropboxes are a dream come true for IT admins, too. When employees have an easy way to make sure work files stay in their work accounts, the risk of confidential information getting saved to a personal Dropbox goes way down. Powerful features like team-wide controls and sharing audit logs give IT admins the ability to keep sensitive company data safely within the Dropbox for Business account. Plus, if an employee leaves the company or loses a device, keeping control of their work files is easy with  remote wipe. To learn more about connecting your Dropbox accounts, visit the  Dropbox for Business User Guide.