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Why moving from legacy servers to the cloud will help your SMB grow


Published on January 04, 2018

The arrival of cloud-based collaborative platforms reinvented company operations. Sharing files became easier than ever, drastically reducing limitations on hard drive storage. Since then, these platforms have evolved. Today, solutions are more robust in their reach. They're designed to keep up with new devices on the market and serve an increasingly mobile workforce. Over the past decade, Dropbox has evolved, too:

  • 500 million registered users
  • Usage in 190 countries
  • Support for more than 20 languages

Despite the evidence that cloud-based file storage and sharing systems boost productivity, some SMBs are hesitant to move away from their legacy servers. Common misconceptions persist about ongoing reliability, accessibility of scale, and complicated configuration, deployment, and maintenance. But Dropbox Business makes it easier for your business to deploy, scale, and maintain. With no training required, Dropbox Business delivers better control over company data and surefire reliability through constant technical support.

“We’re operating from a place of very high intensity, and Dropbox Business is the kind of technology that allows us to work at top speed and evolve in the face of changes.” —Anna Feagan, Marketing Manager at Athlon Media Group

To learn how our cloud-based collaborative platform can make your job easier, explore our interactive eBook, How Dropbox Business can save your business from legacy tech.