add a password to a dropbox link

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Tip of the week: How to add a new password to an old shared link


Published on January 16, 2015

One of Dropbox’s most convenient features is the ability to send files or folders with a link. Not only is this a quick and easy way to share your content, but shared links also come with useful extras like expiration dates and password protection. But did you know that you can add a password to a shared link at any time? It doesn’t matter if it’s weeks, months, or years old—as long as the shared link is still active, you can add a password to it. This could be useful in a variety of situations: Perhaps the project you’re working on has grown more sensitive than it was originally, with confidential sales numbers now making their way into the presentation. Or maybe various employees and contractors have rotated through the project team, and you want to make sure they no longer have access to the materials. Adding a password to a pre-existing shared link follows the same process you’d use to add a password to a new shared link; just follow these instructions. And if you want to change the existing password on a link, the steps are the same. Happy sharing!