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Pro tips: How to manage images with Dropbox


Published on August 04, 2015

We’re teaming up with iStock by Getty Images to help graphic designers and videographers streamline their workflows using Dropbox. In that spirit, here are some tips for everyone working at a design agency or on any other type of creative services team. They’ll help you with a problem you might be familiar with: that mountain of JPEGs, PSDs, and PNGs floating around your hard drive. Keep stock artwork organized The right image can make or break a design. If iStock is your go-to place for artwork, you can easily make Dropbox your go-to place for image downloads. Connect Dropbox to your iStock account, and from there on out, all your downloads will be saved directly to your Dropbox folder. It’s the perfect way to gather lots of artwork for a big project — and keep everything right where you can find it. Make a headache-free gallery Need the client to choose from a few photo options? You could go to the hassle of putting together a comp, meticulously labeling each image, and sending over a PDF. But if you’re not a glutton for punishment, just create a folder in your Dropbox, copy the images in, and share a link to the folder. That’s all you need to do to make a quick and easy gallery, ready made with thumbnails. Your clients can click on any image for a full-res view, and even enter their comments — and hopefully approval. Take your best (screen)shot If you’re putting together a how-to guide or any other type of project that could use a screenshot, Dropbox can help. No more bumbling attempts to find the screenshot or worse, creating a new Photoshop file to paste the image into. A quick keyboard shortcut is all you need to take a screenshot, put it in your Dropbox, and copy a shareable link to your clipboard in one fell swoop. Want access to millions of royalty-free images and a more powerful Dropbox? Here’s just the deal for you: For a limited time, new and renewing iStock annual subscribers will get an extended (three-month) trial of Dropbox for Business or Dropbox Pro.