Dropbox for Business tiered admin roles

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Tip of the week: How to effectively manage your Dropbox for Business team as it grows


Published on June 05, 2015

If you’re a Dropbox for Business admin, we know you have a lot on your plate. Whether you’re onboarding new users or managing sharing permissions, it can be tough to do it all when you’re the only one with admin capabilities. And what do you do when your team starts to grow? How do you support everyone and keep things running smoothly when you have hundreds — or thousands — of users? Enter tiered admin roles. They let Dropbox for Business teams have multiple admins and easily assign roles — with different levels of control — to each. This way, admins can divvy up their day-to-day responsibilities to effectively manage their growing teams. So, how can you take advantage of tiered admin roles? It’s all about giving team members the right set of controls to match their admin duties. Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • Identify team admins. As the captains of your IT crew, team admins have the highest level of control. They can set security and sharing permissions for the whole team, create other admins, and manage users. If you’re the admin of an existing Dropbox for Business account, you’re automatically a team admin.
  • Boost user management manpower. Need a few extra hands to manage users as they transition in and out of your company? No problem. When you make someone a user management admin, they’ll be able to add and remove team members, manage groups, and view your company activity feed.
  • Shore up user support. Help desk tickets can pile up fast when you don’t have enough admins to tackle common tasks. Lighten your load by creating support admins. They’ll be able to reset passwords, manage basic account security, and view activity logs for users.

One thing to keep in mind: Only team admins can create or change other admin roles. To do that, it just takes a couple of clicks via the Admin Console on the Dropbox website. Want to learn more about using tiered admin roles? Check out our Help Center.