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Dropbox for Android: Our top 5 tips


Published on September 02, 2014

Whether you're just getting started with Dropbox for Android or you're a longtime user, here are 5 tips to help you get the most from the app. These’ll also help you take advantage of our recent feature updates!

1. Share simply

Even though you’re mobile, you still want to be productive. With the Dropbox for Android app, you can select and share files or folders from your phone.  You’ll also be able to see what’s been shared with you in your notifications center. How to share:  Tap the “Quick Action” button next to the file name → “Share” → “Send to Contact” → Start typing the name of recipient, and it’ll auto complete. Send! 

2. Access favorites offline

No data connection? No problem. By favoriting files you’ll be able to view them, even when you’re offline. Favoriting is also a great way to bookmark your most-used files, or ones you need to access quickly. How to favorite:
Tap the “Quick Action” button next to the file name → “Favorite”. You can access all of your favorites in the Favorites Tab (that’s the one tab with the star icon). 

3. Search faster

Sometimes it can be hard to find just what you’re looking for when you have a lot of files, so we’ve improved the search experience. Now you can see your recent searches and target your search within a specific folder. How to search:
  Tap the menu button  select "search"  type in your query.

4. Manage files on the go

Don’t just access your files while you’re mobile -- manage them! With Dropbox for Android you can upload any file that you have on your device to Dropbox. You can also rename and move files within the app for tidier management. How to upload files:  From the Files Tab, tap “Menu”, then “Upload here”. You’ll then be able to navigate through your device’s file directory to select any file to upload to Dropbox. How to rename files:  Tap the “Quick Action” button next to the folder or file name → “More” → “Rename”. Rename your file and save!

5. Pick your settings

Lock up your app, receive early releases, and get more features and space with these settings options.

  • Add a passcode: This helps ensure that only people with the passcode can access your Dropbox app.
  • Sign up for early releases betas: This is a great way to get early access to new features and have your feedback integrated into future product releases.
  • Upgrade your account: If you’re ready to go Pro you can upgrade within the app using a credit card or the Google Play Store.

We hope these tips are helpful!

Don’t have the Dropbox for Android app yet? Download it here.