Work Culture

6 ways BYOD tech can drive business growth


Published on July 02, 2014

As more and more employees rely on consumer technology like smartphones and tablets to get work done, it’s becoming clear that the BYOD (bring your own device) movement isn’t going away anytime soon.

And that may be a good thing.

In a recent article for Entrepreneur, Dropbox Head of Enterprise Solutions Alex Marshall outlines six reasons why embracing business versions of well-loved consumer tech can drive productivity, efficiency, and even employee engagement.

For example, one reason is that “the right purchase will earn its keep.” He writes:

It should go without saying that employees would be wise to use the technology provided by their employer. The company is spending money for a reason, after all. But still, all too many businesses know what it's like to put resources into a complex and expensive IT solution, only to see little more than a shrug from the end users.

On the other hand, technology that puts usability at the forefront will probably result in employees' being more prone to adopt it. That means less time spent in training sessions, complex deployments and ramping up employees to work on new systems. The company will get a better return on its investment.

To read the other five reasons why BYOD tech can actually be a competitive advantage for your business, check out the full article here!