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Published on December 11, 2017

“The 5th Annual Construction Technology Report,” 2016, JB Knowledge From kickoff to wrap-up of a construction project, you have a lot of moving parts to coordinate. The back and forth of handling bids and blueprints and managing documents between teams can lead to confusion and mixups. But technology like Dropbox and Fieldwire can help cut through logistical downtime to let your team focus on what they do best.
“If you look at the way workers spend time on construction sites today, they spend only about 30% of their time actually doing their craft. Coordination, scheduling, and other repetitive tasks take the rest of their time and that’s where we come in.” —Yves Frinault, Co-Founder and CEO, Fieldwire 1
Dropbox simplifies construction management by integrating the industry’s premier tech tools in an intuitive collaboration platform.

Bring it together with integrated apps

The construction industry can feel fragmented. Breaking down the nuts and bolts of a project involves the combined work of owners, architects, engineering firms, general contractors, and many other players, all of whom work with different sets of tools.
“A lack of software applications that integrate is one of the biggest problems in [the construction] industry.” —Survey participant, JBKnowledge Report 2
How do you see a job to completion when your technology speaks different languages? With Dropbox, construction companies can take advantage of the power of integrations. Dropbox seamlessly integrates with Autodesk, Fieldwire, Adobe, and Plangrid (among many others), letting you and your teams stay in a constant state of creative flow through every stage of a project.

Stay connected with Dropbox and Fieldwire

Whether you’re talking with a client or working on the job site, you need to be able to access your files. But a poor on-site connection can make downloading and working with crucial documents a headache. That’s why Dropbox has partnered with Fieldwire, a centralized, mobile-first platform for construction crews to access and manage project documentation and communications. Through a two-way integration with Dropbox, users can upload, access, and modify the latest documents with either system. This ensures all team members and external collaborators are working off the same set of documents. Additionally, workers can use Fieldwire’s markup tools and task management capabilities to track on-site changes and assign work to team members. The set of plans—with red-lines and progress photos—is then synced with Dropbox to share progress with the wider project team in real-time. 3

Manage projects of any size

Dropbox is a fast, reliable solution that seamlessly matches you with leading industry tools. To see what our partner integrations can do for you, download our eBook, Build smarter with tech. Sources: 1 "Six Questions We Asked Co-Founder & CEO of Fieldwire Yves Frinault," 2016, Construction Global 2 “The 5th Annual Construction Technology Report,” 2016, JBKnowledge 3 “The Fastest Blueprint App for iPhone, iPad, and Android,” 2017, Fieldwire