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Creative inspiration: Why Dropbox is partnering with Cannes Lions


Published on June 15, 2017

At Dropbox, we’re constantly inspired by creativity, in all its forms—from advertising to filmmaking, musical invention to scientific experimentation. It’s why we’ve been honored to serve some of the world’s top storytellers, and why we’re so excited to see what they’ll create next.

Given our passion for innovators like these, we’re proud to sponsor the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which is dedicated to inspiring creative professionals.

The festival attracts individuals in advertising, marketing, and design from around the globe—from visionary CMOs to rising stars just starting their careers. One of the festival’s big draws is the Cannes Lions School, where students can attend sessions taught by dozens of industry veterans.

This year, the students will be working in Dropbox Paper, where they’ll be able to grow their ideas without the limits and clutter of a typical doc. The Cannes Lions press team will also use Paper as their primary tool for reporting on the festival itself. We couldn’t think of a better opportunity to help people find creative inspiration.

Elsewhere at the festival, keep a lookout for several of our customers, who will be taking center stage at the event: adidas Group, Brit + Co, The Absolut Company, and Spotify, just to name a few. Each partner has been a leader in their respective industries, pushing forward new designs, solving key problems, and championing higher standards.

Whether you’re working for a big brand or a small team, creativity is precious. It’s why we’re hyper-focused on helping companies—big and small—get past the busywork and get to the creative work, as quickly as possible. When brands and creative professionals can rise above what’s routine, when they have a space to truly grow their ideas, they can tell stories that speak to what’s important, to what resonates.

We’re proud to play our part in this creative process with Cannes Lions. Stay tuned for more details as the festival gets going. You can follow our updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.