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Spice up your work day with Dropbox across the web!


Published on November 28, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, we launched the Dropbox Chooser, a new way for apps across the web to let you access the documents in your Dropbox, so you can keep everything up to date and in one place.  The response from developers has been amazing, and we’re jazzed that it’ll now be even easier for you to bring your stuff anywhere — online or offline, across devices, and now across applications! Here are a few of our favorite apps that use Dropbox to help you be more productive during the work day.

Asana was one of the first apps to integrate the Dropbox Chooser. Their mission is to improve the productivity of individuals and groups, and their task management app allows you to keep track of everything you and your team are working on. Now, when you’re working on a task in Asana, you can attach a file from Dropbox to make sure everyone has the latest information and keep everything one place! “We’ve found Dropbox to be the best way to share and organize our thousands of production files. We’ve always wanted the ability to assign, comment on and prioritize them. Now, we can do just that.” - Tyler Ginter, Creative Producer, Variable

Trello is a free, easy way to keep track of everything, from the big picture to the smallest details. The layout of a Trello board makes it obvious what's being worked on, the progress that's being made, and what's coming up next. With people, checklists, due dates,  and Dropbox files attached right to tasks, everything is organized and easy to find. "Our design team uses Dropbox for work-in-progress files, and being able to attach shared links to Trello is very helpful."- Joshua Rudd, Head of UX,

Hellofax makes online faxing as easy as sending an email by allowing you to send and receive faxes online. Now, you can pull any file from Dropbox to send as a fax, and all sent and received faxes are automatically archived in a folder in your Dropbox.

"The Dropbox integration with HelloFax has been brilliant!  Now, I simply sign the document and it appears in my Dropbox folder automagically. JOB DONE!" - Sid Viswanathan, Co-Founder at CardMunch

Wrike brings all of your work data together, so it's easy for distributed teams to plan, prioritize, and collaborate. Now, attaching files directly from Dropbox to tasks and folders will ensure everyone on your team is working off of the latest information.

“Dropbox and Wrike work beautifully together. Now we can really have all our work in one place! This integration saves our team a lot of time because we can easily weave our large architecture and design files into our work in Wrike with Dropbox" - Claudio de Heredia, Vice President of Masnegocio

Mail Pilot is a completely reimagined email client that allows users to view messages in their inbox as to-do items with advanced features for organizing, setting due dates, and reviewing messages. With  Dropbox on Mail Pilot, you can now attach any of your files from Dropbox in an email.

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