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Effective collaboration: Tips for teaming with marketing coordinators


Published on August 15, 2017

Your team’s ready to kick off the next marketing campaign. You need an original idea, a great strategy, and most importantly, a marketing team that’s set up for success. Understanding the role everyone on the project plays can help your team function like a well-oiled machine. To better understand how teams collaborate, we talked with thousands of marketing and design professionals in the US. Today, we want to share what we learned. In this first post of our series on effective collaboration, we’ll begin looking at marketing personas to identify their pain points and find solutions to make working together easier for everyone on your team.

Recognize common roadblocks

Coordinators are at the center of every marketing project. They work across disciplines and departments to ensure a smooth campaign. By facilitating communication between colleagues, agencies, and freelancers, they guide a campaign’s major assets from beginning to end. The first step to improving collaboration with the coordinator is to identify common roadblocks:
  • Siloed teams and dispersed parties
  • Inefficient feedback and approval cycles
  • Fragmented information across email threads and other channels

Create a central hub

Next, agree on a single source of truth. Having one location for storing, sharing, and accessing project files allows the Coordinator to bridge the gap between internal and external members on the team.

Organize a feedback system

An efficient method for trafficking feedback rounds from the creative team to the client is the key to a Coordinator’s heart. Dropbox features, like commenting and annotations, help keep feedback exactly where it should be.

Two tips for Coordinators

  1. Know when to filter feedback, translate requests, and loop others into conversations.
  2. Set up the rest of the team for success by communicating clear expectations and deadlines, so that teammates are held accountable for their work.

Two tips for teammates

  1. Avoid inundating your Coordinator with questions and requests. Taking time to organize and consolidate your thoughts make it easier for them get the answers you need.
  2. Notify them early about red flags or uncertainties to avoid mishaps down the line.
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