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3 quick tips to make image reviews easier with Dropbox Paper


Published on June 20, 2017

When you’ve spent weeks refining and perfecting your designs, sending them off for review can be nerve wracking. It’s kind of like sending your kids off to college. Who knows how they’ll change while they’re away—or if you’ll recognize them when they return? Fortunately, Dropbox Paper has new features that make it easier to send your “babies” out into the world. Next time you need to get feedback on your photos and designs, here are three ways to make the process less stressful and complicated.

Add captions to facilitate feedback on photo reviews

Wouldn’t it be great to get back some of the time you spend tracking down feedback? After you’ve spent hours selecting the best images from a photo shoot, Paper’s new caption feature makes it easy to identify each option with a name, number, or phrase. That extra context can help your teammates better understand the options they’re reviewing and how they relate to the project. Plus, the context of those comments won’t get lost if the layout’s revised, because the text is tied to, and travels with, the image.

Comment on specific details of logo design

Designing one image that represents a company’s entire identity can be a challenge. Your client will need to see options. And no matter how brilliant the drafts are, they’ll request tweaks, too. The more specific they can be about what parts they want to change, the easier it’ll be for you to provide solutions and deliver revisions that meet their needs. If a reviewer needs to point out a particular detail, Paper helps them make their question clear—b ecause now they can add comments to the specific part of the image they’re referencing. Multiple notes are numbered in the order they’re added, so it’s easy to see which feedback is the most recent.

Zoom in for a closer look at large images

Let’s say you’re working on a hero banner for your website. Your photographer has captured a phenomenal panoramic shot that would work perfectly, except for that one detail, way over there in the corner—what is that? Paper now lets you expand high-resolution images to full size, so you can pan from side to side and top to bottom to look for any flaws that might need cropping or retouching. There’s even a new sidebar feature in the image’s comments that makes review easier. Ready to give these new image features a spin on your next project? Try Dropbox Paper for free.


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Dropbox Paper: A flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together | Try it free