Illustration for Nicer Tuesdays poster collaboration
Poster design by Marion Deuchars and Anna Kövecses

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Teams in sync: Watch how artists co-create with Dropbox Paper


Published on March 28, 2018

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This year, It’s Nice That and Dropbox have been partnering to champion creativity. Every month, we invite two artists to develop a limited edition poster by collaborating in Dropbox Paper. And this month, It’s Nice That asked illustrators Marion Deuchars and Anna Kövecses to combine their talents.

Though Anna was working from Cyprus and Marion from London, they easily found a connection and common ground in nature.

After discussing concepts and working out ideas together in a shared Paper doc, Anna came up with a visual way to link the themes of spring and International Women’s Day: hands holding flowers in a community of women.

Inspired by Anna’s first iteration featuring her signature style of bold block colors and cut-out shapes, Marion felt the image could be enhanced with some lettering. So she researched works of literature for the piece, and suggested incorporating a verse from the poem “ Spring” by English writer Christina Rossetti.

“[Dropbox Paper] encouraged a nice playfulness of dropping in random thoughts and images to stimulate ideas… and a great way to keep a record of a project.”—Marion Deuchars

At this month's Nicer Tuesdays event, attendees got to take home a printed version of the finished poster. For the full story and a behind-the-scenes look at how Anna and Marion used Dropbox Paper to bring their vision to life, check out this post from It’s Nice That.