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Tip of the week: How to make a presentation resource center


Published on January 30, 2015

A killer presentation is about more than just content; it's the ideas and information people take away that make it truly shine. With Dropbox at your side, you can make sure your presentation is useful long after the conference room clears out. The key is using a shared link to a create a resource center for attendees to refer back to, and we’re going to show you how. Start off by making a folder for your presentation. You can name it whatever you want, but we're big fans of putting the date first, followed by the meeting name (e.g., "2015-01-30 Quarterly Sales Review"). Then, create a shared link for it. Paste this link into your meeting invitation to give your team an easy way to find it. What kinds of things should you store in this folder? Here are a few ideas:

  • Presentation deck. Charts, tables, and graphs are great for giving some visual punch to your data but it isn't always easy for meeting attendees to scribble down notes about them. Save everyone the work, and just give them a copy of your PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF deck so they can pore over the stats later on. It might even inspire them to put together a deck as sharp as yours.
  • Further reading. If you came across any useful articles, reports, or podcasts during your research, drop copies in this folder, or add a Word doc with links. They can make for good reading next time your attendees have a little time on the train or between meetings.
  • Meeting notes. If you have a Q&A or discussion after you present, it's always good practice to have someone take notes. And what better place to store those notes than a folder all the attendees can already access?
  • Whiteboard photos. Transcribing notes from a brainstorming session can be a drag. Skip the hassle by taking pictures of the whiteboard and putting the JPEGs in your meeting folder.
  • Video recording. The more attendees you have, the less likely it is you'll make it on to everyone's schedule. Whether you have a professional setup or just a smartphone propped on a window sill, record it for posterity. Anyone who couldn't make it can grab the video from the folder and catch up later.

By pulling everything together into one place, you’ll give everyone the information they need without clogging up their inboxes. And if the idea catches on with other meeting organizers, all the better. Want more ways to get the most out of Dropbox for Business? Visit our User Guide.