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It's the most wonderful (and hopefully productive) time of the year


Published on December 19, 2012

During the holidays, we know you have a ton of things to worry about: where your in-laws are going to stay, spending quality time with your family, and standing in line for last-minute presents. Here are a few ways you can use Dropbox to be more productive and free up time for what matters most to you! 1. Work from the comfort of... anywhere: As you buy gifts and travel, make sure your digital work world is in order along with your shopping lists. Keep documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, and videos in Dropbox so you can access them on all of your devices — including computers, tablets and mobile phones. Knowing you can effortlessly power up and pick up where you left off makes juggling festivities and work as easy as pecan pie.

Dropbox web interface
Dropbox web interface

2. Stay up to date with your coworkers and family: Banish email attachments and USB drives and collaborate with ease. Use a shared folder to keep your project files in a central place and let any member of the folder make edits. Share a link to a file with people outside your company, even if they don't use Dropbox. Also, because links stay the same as the files change, you won't have to resend if you update the file! 3. Retrace your steps: View past edits and restore any version of a file for 30 days (and keep track of changes others have made within shared folders). Also, if you mistakenly delete a file, restore it with a few clicks. And if you have  Dropbox Pro or  Dropbox for Teams, you'll get unlimited version history with  Packrat. 4. Back up your files without checking them twice: Manual backup is unnecessary because with Dropbox, your files are available across all of your devices and synced to your computer with automatic backup! 5. Make your business run more smoothly than Santa's workshop with Dropbox for Teams: Dropbox for Teams comes equipped with admin tools, dedicated phone support, and all the space your team needs. So no matter where you celebrate the holiday season, your files can come along for the ride. And all the time and energy you save can be spent with family, friends or even just an extra large mug of eggnog.