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Pro tips: How to get even more out of Dropbox for Android


Published on June 10, 2015

Calling all Android users! We’re partnering with OnePlus to bring Dropbox to even more Android fans. So today we’re rounding up some of our favorite tips for staying productive and keeping your stuff safe — even when you’re out and about — with Dropbox on your Android phone. Get work done — on the go When you’re away from your computer, it can feel almost impossible to accomplish any work. But with Dropbox on your Android, you don’t have to put productivity on hold. Say you’re on your way to meet with a client, and you want to go over your project plan one more time. Just pull up the file from the Dropbox app on your phone. You can even search for keywords inside Word docs, PowerPoint slides, and PDFs to skip ahead to a specific part of the file. What if you notice a couple of typos in the project plan you’re reviewing? Not a problem, thanks to the Dropbox and Microsoft Office integration. It lets you edit Office docs, spreadsheets, and presentations stored in your Dropbox — right from the palm of your hand. And if you want to share something with a teammate back at the office, just use your Android to create and send a link to the file. Plus with Dropbox Pro, you can add passwords or expiration dates — via the Dropbox website — on any link for extra security. Keep your memories safe Do you take lots of photos on your phone? If so, be sure to turn on Camera Upload. When enabled, Camera Upload automatically backs up your photos and videos to Dropbox as soon as you take them. So if you lose your phone — or it takes a hard tumble — all your vacation photos and birthday snaps will be safe and sound in your Dropbox. The best part? If you’ve installed our desktop application on your computer, all your photos will be saved to your hard drive automatically. Access files offline With the Dropbox mobile app, your photos, docs, and videos are always at your fingertips. But what if your data connection is spotty, or you’re in a WiFi dead zone? Luckily, there’s a feature for that. Just mark files as favorites while you still have internet access, and you'll be able to view them offline. If your Android device comes with an SD card slot, you can also export files from your Dropbox to external storage. This is a good way to keep important files accessible offline when you don't have enough space on your phone to save any more favorites. Bonus tip: If you're a Dropbox Pro user, you can easily free up space on your phone by backing up files to your 1 TB of Dropbox storage. In the market for a new Android phone? Good news: For a limited time, you can get the OnePlus One bundled with a year of Dropbox Pro for only $349.