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Working on the go? Try Dropbox for mobile


Published on January 17, 2013

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With apps that can exchange business cards, pay invoices, and send out contracts, people are increasingly looking to their mobile devices to help them work better and faster from wherever they are. That can mean working from the office, the living room, or maybe even the beach.

So how do we continue to work together without missing a beat? Use Dropbox for mobile to bring your work with you and share it easily without worrying about cords, attachments or memory cards.

And whether you’re a lover of the iPhone, iPad, Android, Surface, or any other kind of mobile device, you can use the Dropbox app or mobile site to view any of the files you’ve added to your Dropbox. That way, your latest client proposal or training video is never out of reach.

But having your files with you is just one part of being “on the go." Another key part is the ability to collaborate with colleagues and share files from anywhere. With Dropbox on your mobile device, you can create and send a link for any file.

Have a beautiful presentation you want to share with a customer who hasn’t used Dropbox?  Just send her a link from your phone and she can admire your handiwork without overloading her inbox.

Dropbox also gives you peace of mind because your work is always safe. Accidentally left your phone in the back of a cab (haven’t we all)? Just go to Dropbox on the web and  unlink your device so no one else can access your stuff. Or for added security, enable the  mobile passcode for your Dropbox app. That way even if your phone or tablet falls into the wrong hands, your files won’t.

With Dropbox for mobile, you’ll never worry again about bringing your work with you — because your files are at your fingertips (literally). Start a project on your PC at home, continue it on your smartphone on the train, and pick up where you left off on your Mac in the office.

Wherever you are, let Dropbox help you focus on what’s important — getting the job done.