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How Les Lunes manages design and marketing with Dropbox Paper


Published on April 25, 2017

Les Lunes is not just on the cutting edge of fashion. They’re also early adopters of new team collaboration technology. Founder/CEO Anna Lecat had a vision of designing clothes in Paris, manufacturing out of locally grown bamboo in Shanghai, and setting up stores in the US. Paper has helped bring that vision to reality by connecting her team across the globe.

Les Lunes relies on Paper for all aspects of their business, including product development, marketing, and operations. Their team will take a dress from concept to mannequin in Paper, using commenting to bring conversations around these designs to life. This allows stylists in the US and designers in Paris to easily pass along customer feedback to everyone on the team. “Our design process begins with our customers,” Lecat says. “They constantly give us great ideas on fit, style, colors, and materials. And we do that all in Paper.”

“There is no point of producing something that will not make somebody's life better. To achieve that, we need to understand what their life is all about. And so we weave the customer into our processes from the very beginning until the end.” — Anna Lecat, Founder/CEO, Les Lunes

To create content for their marketing materials, Les Lunes uses Paper to seamlessly combine text, images, and rich media in one workspace. The team quickly pastes links or uploads content from Dropbox Business into Paper, and commenting has become a natural way for the team to reach consensus on Instagram and Facebook posts. “Dropbox Paper is my new best friend,” Tobe Sheldon, Regional Manager, says. “It's eliminated long email chains and has really enabled us to communicate better as a team—it’s saved us hours of work.”

Les Lunes also runs all of its business operations through Paper. As they’re setting up new stores across the US, the team uses the task list feature to stay on top of deadlines while they select signage, install shelving, customize furniture, and book travel. “Our operations manager is in San Francisco, [co-founder] Melanie is based in Paris, and I’ve been focused on opening our Chicago store,” Lecat says. “But we feel much closer when we’re communicating well.”

"Paper lets us have everything in one place to get to the point of saying, 'Oh, yeah. We agree. We do want that.' "—Tobe Sheldon, Regional Manager, Les Lunes

Paper has even influenced the culture and lingo of working at Les Lunes. “We’re even more eager to share things now,” says Lecat. “We’re constantly saying, ‘put it on Paper.’”

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