Apartment Hunting or House Hunting with Dropbox

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Score the perfect new place with Dropbox at your side


Published on March 05, 2015

Moving into a new home can be exciting. You get to arrange your furniture in different ways, get rid of a lot of stuff you don’t need, and explore new neighborhoods. But finding that new rental can be stressful — especially as you juggle paperwork and tour schedules, all while racing against other interested renters. To make this all more manageable, try using Dropbox to organize your next apartment or house hunt. Start by creating a folder and sharing it with everyone involved in your rental search. You can create subfolders for each place you’re applying to, and then additional subfolders for each person who will be applying. This is where you’ll keep pay stubs, employment verification forms, and anything else you'll use while applying. Then when you’re ready to apply to the unit, just create a shared link to the folder ( Dropbox Pro users, you may want to add an expiration to it) and send it to the rental agency or landlord. They can just click the link to see your files — no account or login required. Then all you have to do is sit back and cross your fingers!

Dropbox for apartment or house hunting
Dropbox for apartment or house hunting

By organizing your rental applications this way, you can avoid lengthy email exchanges, missing materials, and sending sensitive files as email attachments. Plus, you’re making the process much easier for your potential new landlord. You can even share your information on the spot with your mobile device, giving you a leg up on the other rental candidates. And when your search is over, just disable the links to all those shared folders so no one has access to your information anymore. Happy searching!