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How to streamline teamwork and track projects on the go


Published on September 14, 2017

Teamwork is a contact sport. The better you keep in contact, the faster you get to the goal.

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But sometimes your teammates aren’t even playing on the same field, so it’s tough to keep work moving forward. If your team is having trouble tracking iterations and staying organized as contributions come in from all directions, we’ve got some ideas that can help. Here are four tips for streamlining teamwork and staying on top of projects in progress.

1. Track every change from a single dashboard

Productivity tools can be powerful allies—except when you have so many that you have to spend time toggling back and forth between them trying to gather all the info you need. That’s like getting off the freeway at one exit for gas, another for coffee, and another for snacks. Dropbox lets you get everything done in one stop. With Dropbox Paper docs, files, and comments in a single space, your team has a shared dashboard where they can monitor everything that happens, so everyone knows exactly where a project stands.

2. Organize Paper docs on the go

If you’re like a lot of creatives, you can’t stop the ideas from flowing after you leave the office. Sometimes the best brainstorms happen on your commute. We think creating content on the go should come as naturally as doodling down notes on your train ride home. So we’ve introduced a new feature that lets you create folders and move Paper docs into them directly from mobile. Now you can keep your content organized no matter which device you’re using.

3. View and review Sketch files on mobile

If you’re a designer, you already have a lot on your plate without having to manage projects, too. Your time is always better spent creating than coordinating. So to make your job easier, we’ve eliminated the hassle of having to export Sketch files to PDFs or images when you’re sending them out for review. Now you can create a shared link to the Sketch file that displays a preview for anyone. That way, reviewers can view the file from any browser. And with the Dropbox mobile app, they can add comments on the go.

4. Keep content organized by archiving old files

Searching through old files to find the ones you need is a time-consuming chore. And when multiple people are working on the same project—at different times in different locations—it’s even harder to keep track of which version is the latest. So we added a new feature to Dropbox Paper that makes it easy to archive docs and add notes. Now your team will always know where to find the doc with the most up-to-date content.

Looking for more ways to make teamwork easier? Check out our newest features.

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