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Get creative: 5 Dropbox-connected tools for app and website design


Published on August 14, 2014

Thomas Edison said genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. This is true whether you’re pitching a new client or nailing down a message that resonates with your audience. It’s especially fitting for the creative geniuses designing new apps and websites, where coming up with an idea is just the beginning.

Luckily, Dropbox for Business connects with over 300,000 apps to give you the right tools for the right job. So when it’s time to roll up your sleeves and break a sweat, here are a few apps you can use with Dropbox to bring your ideas to life.

Marvel (iOS, Web)

Who says building prototypes has to be difficult? Marvel makes it much simpler. Just pick images from your Dropbox and use them to create prototypes for mobile apps and websites. Marvel also uses Dropbox to store your designs, so everything stays up to date automatically.

Invision logo
Invision logo
InVision (Web)

Designing apps and websites is one thing; managing projects is another. InVision does it all with tools to create fully interactive prototypes, present them, and collect feedback. Connect your Dropbox, and you can easily sync design assets, screens, and source files.

LayerVault logo
LayerVault logo

LayerVault (iOS, Web)

Iterate, iterate, and iterate some more: It’s a workflow every designer knows all too well. LayerVault gives you control over designs, with tools built to make versioning, presenting, and collaborating easier. And in the spirit of simplicity, you can link your Dropbox to make syncing your files a snap.

Procreate logo
Procreate logo

Procreate (iPad)

What’s a design without some artwork? Procreate, an Apple Design Award winner, puts the power of desktop illustration tools in your hands with a streamlined interface and fluid gesture system. Use your Dropbox to import and export brushes, textures, and swatches; save your projects; and even store videos of you creating artwork.

Sketchbook logo
Sketchbook logo

SketchBook Pro (iOS, Android)

When inspiration strikes, you want to be prepared, even if you’re on the train or in a crowded coffee shop. The industry standard for digital sketching, SketchBook Pro gives you a full set of painting and drawing tools. Use Dropbox to import images and export sketches, and you can jump back and forth between the mobile and desktop versions of SketchBook with ease.

With these apps by your side, the only limit is your imagination. So what are you waiting for? Start fleshing out those ideas — and filling in that blank canvas.

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