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8 more ways you can use Dropbox for your next film


Published on January 17, 2018

Two years ago, we ran down eight ways filmmakers can use Dropbox. Now, with the 2018 Sundance Film Festival days away, here are eight more ways Dropbox can help you take your movie from the initial idea to a big screen production.

1. Collaborate on early ideas

Dropbox Paper is designed for exploring early ideas—together. Use Paper to create story boards for your movie, where you can easily drag and drop photos, paste links to embed video, and invite your production team to contribute in real time. The Paper mobile app makes adding new ideas a snap, and comments in the margins make notes feel like conversations.

2. Share film proposals in style

Throughout the filmmaking process, you’ll often need a quick, polished way to share files, whether you’re trying to secure financing or getting feedback on casting and locations. Dropbox Showcase lets you present everything in a single, professionally branded page. Organize your files visually, then drag and drop them in the perfect arrangement, so your recipients will always see your files with the right context, in the right order. Best of all, recipients can simply preview files without having to commit to a full download.

3. Easily manage your dailies

If you’re reviewing lots of dailies, your local storage can quickly fill up. With Dropbox Smart Sync, however, you can right-click on any file to store it online-only, while still seeing the file right from your desktop. It’s a great way to keep space on your computer, even if you’re trying to work your way through dozens of clips.

4. Keep the whole crew in sync

With a team folder, you can keep all your production's files in one place and up to date, whether you’re in the studio or on the road. And because the files are all synced in Dropbox, you don’t have to worry about outdated versions. Plus, you can assign edit or read-only access to each collaborator, so the right people have the right permissions.

5. Access files even if you’re offline and on location

Pull up the Dropbox app to mark files you’ll want available offline. Then when you’re on location, you can easily pull up clips and key docs—even if you’re filming miles away from Wi-Fi.

6. Integrate with your favorite film software and tools

To make the creation process as smooth as possible, Dropbox integrates with some of the most popular tools in the film business. Connect Dropbox to Vimeo to automatically upload videos from a designated folder. Sync Final Draft Writer to Dropbox so you can see the latest version of your script at all times, even when jumping between your desktop and iPad.

7. Share clips and previews securely

When your movie is nearing completion, you want to be able to share previews—without worrying about leaks. Dropbox lets you send both password-protected and expiring links, so you can keep close control of your work. If you lose a device with sensitive information, you can also use remote wipe to keep the data safe.

8. Keep tabs on who’s seen what

When you’re waiting for feedback on a script or film proposal, it’s easy to feel left in the dark. But with Dropbox viewer info, you don’t have to wonder if the recipient saw your work. Track who has—or hasn’t—seen your files, skip the follow-up email, and jump straight to, “What did you think?” What’s more, collaborators can view file activity to see how a project has evolved—even if they’re jumping in at a later date. Whether you’re just getting started on a new cinematic project—or editing your film in post—Dropbox has the tools to help you stay in your creative flow.

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Make your best work even better | Get Dropbox Professional