Dropbox people banner on shared folders

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Tip of the week: How to see who you’re sharing with at a glance


Published on April 24, 2015

For many Dropbox for Business users, collaboration starts with a shared folder. It’s a great way to get team members in sync, and it lets everyone work on the same files without emailing attachments back and forth.

As your project team grows or changes, though, it can get a little harder to keep track of every single person who’s joined your shared folder — and whether they have view-only or editing permissions. Normally you’d go to the Sharing page on the Dropbox website, find the shared folder you want more information about, and click Options to find out who has access to it. But now, there’s an even easier way to get all this information — with fewer clicks.

Starting this week, when you’re inside a shared folder on the Dropbox website, you’ll automatically see a banner at the top of the page showing the profile pictures of that shared folder’s members. (If someone hasn’t uploaded a profile picture, you’ll see their initials.) Additionally, the banner also shows any groups you’ve invited to the folder. What if you want to find out whether someone can view or edit files? Just hover over their profile picture and that information will appear.

Best of all, the banner tells you how many people belong to the shared folder — including the number of people outside your organization. If you notice someone missing, just click on the Add members button to invite more people. And if someone should have viewing instead of editing access, you can easily update their permissions by clicking on the Settings button. Remember, in both cases, you’ll either need to be the owner of the shared folder or have permission to manage folder membership.

So the next time you’re wondering who has access to your shared folders, there’s no need to go digging around for that information. Just head over to the Dropbox website, and it will already be front and center.