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Tip of the week: Use Dropbox to share and save your screenshots


Published on October 31, 2014

Do you take and share screenshots to help you do your job? Here at Dropbox we use them constantly; they're a great way to show — not tell — any idea you're trying to get across. But while screenshots are easy to capture, they can be a pain to share. So we built a better way for you to share and save them, through Dropbox. Say you're getting an error message in a system you use every day at work, and you need help from the IT team. Instead of trying to explain the error's location, appearance, and message, you could take a quick screenshot that captures exactly what you want to show. But then what? To share your screenshot, you would have to draft an email, find where the image is saved, attach it, and hit send. Or manually upload it to a hosting website, then copy and paste the link. Or download and install yet another piece of software. Instead of dealing with all that, just save and share your screenshots with Dropbox. As long as you have the Dropbox desktop app installed, all your screenshots can be automatically saved straight to your Dropbox — and a shareable link will be copied to your clipboard, too. Then you can instantly share your screenshot with anyone by pasting the link into an IM, email, document, or wherever else you need it. If you're a Dropbox for Business user and you've already connected your personal and business Dropboxes, you can choose which Dropbox you want your screenshots saved to (personal or work) for each device. To learn how to use Dropbox to save and share your screenshots, visit our Help Center article and select your operating system in the upper right-hand corner.