To-do apps that integrate with Dropbox

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Up to the task: 5 to-do list apps that work even better with Dropbox


Published on January 15, 2015

With the dawn of a new year, work can ramp up from a laid-back holiday lull to a breakneck pace in an instant. Whether you’re creating structured processes (à la Atul Gawande's The Checklist Manifesto) or just capturing incoming tasks before they slip your mind, to-do list apps can be just what you need. Here are five apps that fit the bill, connecting with Dropbox to power up your to-do lists and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Wunderlist (iOS, Android, Web)

Giving the whole team one place to work together is crucial, and it’s something Dropbox for Business and Wunderlist both make possible. Team the two up, and you have a match made in heaven. You can effortlessly attach any file in your Dropbox to a shared list in Wunderlist, and make easy work of teamwork. (iOS, Android, Web)

Over 10 million people use to get a handle on their tasks and goals. With advanced features like recurring tasks, shared lists, and a daily planner, helps you manage mountains of to-dos with ease. Attach files from your Dropbox to make tasks even more powerful.

Todoist (iOS, Android, Web)

Todoist was designed with the goal of helping people do amazing things. Be your projects large, small, or somewhere in between, Todoist lets you access your tasks and collaborate anywhere. Add a file from Dropbox to keep your docs and your tasks in sync.

2Do (iOS, Android, Mac)

As the name implies, 2Do is great for getting things done. Collect your thoughts, tag notes to keep them organized, and even edit in batches. Link your Dropbox account, and your lists will stay in sync across all your devices with the 2Do apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac.

UpWord Notes (iOS)

UpWord Notes makes task management downright fun, letting you swipe, pull, and drag to change formatting, add reminders, and organize items. With your Dropbox connected, lists automatically sync as plain text files for easy updating from any computer. Getting a handle on all your tasks is a whole lot more manageable with these apps. And if they can help you with that tidal wave of post-holiday work, well then, all the better. For more apps that integrate with Dropbox for Business, check out our apps page.