Illustration by Justin Tran

Work Culture

Podcast: The music producer who turned his side hustle into a business supporting creators


Published on June 18, 2021

As part of our Passion Economy series, we’re sitting down with entrepreneurs to talk about the key moments that led them to starting their own businesses, unexpected difficulties they faced, and words of advice for people trying to go out on their own.

In part two of this podcast, we talked to Dave Marx, a musician and music producer based in Los Angeles who quit his corporate job to follow his passion: helping independent artists bring their ideas to life with a suite of services. As part of his small business Arty Masters, he produces music videos, composes soundtracks for video games, and creates ads for social to help customers grow their audience. Dave talked to us about the challenges of starting a business in the middle of a pandemic, how remote collaboration actually helped his creative process, and why he’s motivated to empower independent creators.

Interview with Dave Marx