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Collaboration in higher education: Seamless integrations


Published on October 12, 2017

At universities today, people rely on a wide range of specialized apps, from learning management systems to identity management solutions to research annotation tools. The question is: Do all of those tools work well together or are they slowing down workflows? In part two of our series on collaboration in higher education, we’ll look at how integrating existing tools with Dropbox Education can help faculty, staff, researchers, and students streamline the way they work.

Work across any device, online or offline

Recent research shows that as many as 95% of students use their own laptops for coursework. The emerging BYOD trend for students and faculty alike represents an enormous opportunity for universities. The campuses that make it easy for students, faculty and staff to work wherever they want—on any device they want—will have a strong competitive advantage.

Simplify access to all of your content

Here’s where Dropbox Education can help. We offer one platform that lets everyone collaborate easily from virtually any device. And, with cross-device sync, they can work on files of any size or type—from research papers to large data sets—using any device whether they’re on- or offline.

Collaborate within an ecosystem of integrated apps

Whether you’re faculty, staff, a researcher, or student, Dropbox Education integrates with apps to enable more seamless and secure collaboration. It helps you e asily c onnect the apps you already use every day, including Office 365, Blackboard, Turnitin, and Notability.
“The joint power of Dropbox and Blackboard has allowed us to significantly improve the collaboration process between faculty and students. These newly improved workflows are enhancing our efforts to move course curriculum from the computer to the classroom.”—Henry Torres, Chief Information Office, Arkansas State University

Manage access to ensure security

Dropbox Education is designed with multiple layers of protection to secure your data. IT admins can also ensure security through tools like Cloudlock and Okta, all while providing seamless integrations to best-in-class tools loved by students and faculty.
“Leveraging the Dropbox and Cloudlock integration allowed us to securely deploy Dropbox while meeting our data compliance and security requirements, without impacting the user experience, across web, desktop and mobile.” —Michael Berman, Chief Innovation Officer, California State University, Channel Islands
To learn how our integrations can help increase faculty and student engagement, fuel research and innovation, and improve academics and rankings, download our free eBook, Unlocking Collaboration in Higher Education.