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Top 10 tips for using Dropbox at work


Published on October 17, 2012

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As Teams Account Managers, we're constantly working with groups using Dropbox to make their businesses run more smoothly. We’ve collected 10 of our favorite tips and tricks for using Dropbox at work — check them out!

1. Set up a shared folder and invite everyone from your team. It’s great for distributing all-company info and maintaining folder structure across the entire team. - Anna

2. Check to see if your team has turned on two-step verification, and email the folks who haven’t. See how team members can enable the feature below. Security rocks! - David

3. Create folders by department or project to ensure that sub folders are automatically shared with the people who need them most. You can still add people from other teams to folders individually if they need access. - Kate

4. Use a flat folder structure to ensure that access to files is properly separated, since sub folders of a shared folder have the same sharing properties. - Justin

5. Customize folder names in your account without affecting the rest of the team (so you don't end up with multiple "Final Presentation" folders, for example). If you want to change the name of a shared folder for everyone, unshare the folder first, change the folder name, and then re-share it. - Hannah

6. Share files with someone that isn’t on the team with a Dropbox link! It’s an easy way to distribute information without giving someone edit access to the files. - Maryanne

7. See changes made to the files in your Dropbox account and all of your shared folders by going to the Events page. - Dan

8. Restore an older edit of a file by selecting a previous version. Dropbox is like a time machine - it keeps track of every change in your Dropbox folder over the last 30 days. And if you’re on Teams, you automatically get Packrat, allowing you to go back in time indefinitely! -Katherine B.

9. Use selective sync if you don’t need all of your team’s stuff on your computer. You’ll still be able to access everything on the web, but won’t overload your hard drive. - Ana

10. Get in touch if you run into trouble and don’t know where to turn! Your friendly Account Manager is ready to help you make the most of your Dropbox experience! - Katherine H.

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