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Effective collaboration: 3 tips for teaming up with directors


Published on September 07, 2017

As the leader of a marketing team, the Director needs high-level visibility and control of the broader vision. Whether they’re Marketing Director, VP of Marketing, or Head of Marketing, these leaders are responsible for overseeing the project, presenting work to stakeholders, and showcasing the impact of their efforts. Because of their accountability, directors are integral to the approval process. To better understand what each person on a team needs to collaborate more effectively, we talked with marketing and design professionals across the US. In part four of our series on effective collaboration, we’ll share what we learned, identify pain points, and suggest ways to address them. Here are three tips for teaming up with directors.

Recognize common roadblocks

• Managing file security • Tracking the status of a project • Making sure the project aligns with broader goals and hits ROI targets

Create a centralized project management hub

With a central location that houses all assets of a campaign, a director can keep track of what’s happening, with the option to dive deep into information and provide feedback when necessary.

Protect files and control access with reliable tools

With features like password protection, expiring links, and sharing controls, Dropbox can help instill confidence in directors that their team’s work is secure.

Recommendations for directors

1. Get involved early and often. 2. Provide regular feedback to ensure the campaign is on the right track from the start. Late feedback can disrupt the team’s flow. 3. Foster relationships with current and prospective clients to build equity and keep your team busy with new business.

Recommendations for their teammates

1. Coordinate regular check-ins with your director to keep them involved at major milestones of a campaign. 2. Filter updates appropriately. Your director doesn’t need all the gritty technical details. Concise updates help them understand how the project is tracking. For more tips on facilitating teamwork and collaborating on campaigns, download our free eBook, Team up for marketing success.