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Do more with Dropbox on your desktop


Published on May 22, 2015

If you’ve been using our desktop application, you know how magical the Dropbox folder is. Whenever you save a photo, doc, or video to the folder, it’s automatically backed up online and saved to all of your devices. But if you’re a new user, you may not know that you can do even more with your files — from sharing to commenting — right from the Dropbox folder on your computer. Here’s a hint: Just right-click (or control-click) on any file or folder inside your Dropbox folder. This will pull up a drop-down menu with the following actions:

  • Share Dropbox Link. Need to send a file quickly? No problem. When you click on this, a link to your file is created and automatically copied to your clipboard. Just paste that link into an email or chat, and recipients will be able to view or download a copy of that file.
  • Share This Folder. This is great for when you want to work on files together with friends or coworkers. People who join your shared folder will be able to save changes directly to the files inside. So when someone edits a file, everyone else automatically gets the latest version. No more emailing different versions back and forth!
  • View Previous Versions. What if you want to see an older version of a file? You can do that, too. When you right-click on a file, choosing this option will show you its version history for the past 30 days. And if you want to revert to one of those older versions, all it takes is a few clicks.
  • Comment on this File. This option appears when you right-click on any file in your Dropbox and lets you start a discussion around it. With comments, it’s easy to gather feedback on a file without starting another email thread or chat.

Ready to take these features out for a spin? Try them out on your desktop now! For more info about our desktop application, check out our Help Center.